Scope of Conference

Scope of the conference (but not limited to) :

  1. Civil Engineering Advancements for Tourism Sustainable Infrastructure.
  2. Innovate and Applied Mechanical Engineering to Support Industrial Revolution in Sustainable tourism era.
  3. Integrated and intelligence electricity system, Informatics Engineering
  4. Internet of things to support Sustainable tourism
  5. Renewable Energy System and Smart Grid Technology to support low carbon tourism
  6. Control System, Robotics, Mechatronics and Automation
  7. Advanced Material
  8. Digital Accounting, Management, and Marketing in a sustainable global economy
  9. Modeling and simulation in sustainable tourism
  10. Digital economy and tourism impacts.
  11. Social informatics
  12. Applied multimedia and technology in education
  13. Green Tourism and Environmental Issues
  14. Sustainable supply chain
  15. Public policy, regional and urban planning and regional development
  16. Community-Based Tourism  
  17. Urban, agriculture and rural development
  18. Consumer Behavioral in Tourism  
  19. Business Strategy in Tourism Development.
  20. Corporate Social Responsibility in Tourism Development.
  21. Housing, transportation and other regional infrastructures issues
  22. Regional/international trade, finance, and inflation
  23. Political economy and governance of tourism regional development 
  24. Health, education and human capital